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22 July 2015 - Pleased to announce that Sadabe has a new Administrative Board, led by long-time colleague Dr. Haingoson Andriamialison
15 July 2015 - See pictures from the 2015 NIU-SADABE-UA field school at Tsinjoarivo
11 June 2015 - Second research article led by co-founder Mitch Irwin detailing the nutritional ecology of Tsinjoarivo sifakas - this one quantifies the impacts of habitat disturbance
17 November 2014 - Sadabe pleased to announce partnership with Northern Illinois University and University of Antananarivo in hosting fourth annual primatology field school at Tsinjoarivo, in June-July 2015
1 July 2014 - Third annual NIU-UMass-Sadabe field school was a great success for all involved, including thirteen foreign and three Malagasy students - photos posted here
18 January 2014 - Research article published, led by Sadabe co-founder Mitch Irwin, describing the nutritional ecology of diademed sifakas at Tsinjoarivo
10 January 2014 - Sadabe pleased to announce partnership with Northern Illinois University and University of Massachusetts in hosting third annual primatology field school at Tsinjoarivo, in May-June 2014
8 October 2013 - Sadabe needs your help - we are fundraising to support the RAH King elementary school serving more than 250 children at Mahatsinjo! Please give generously
7 October 2013 - NIU coverage of 2013 study abroad - recruiting now beginning for 2014!
9 August 2013 - Lemur researchers gather at Centre Valbio, Ranomafana, for the International Prosimian Congress 2013
3 August 2013 - Dozens of lemur researchers, including Sadabe co-founder Mitch Irwin, publish action plan for lemur conservation
7 July 2013 - Congratulations to all participants - the 2013 NIU/UMass/SADABE fieldschool was a huge success - photos available here
1 March 2013 - Sadabe co-founder Mitch Irwin speaks at Duke University symposium on protected areas -- video available
8 January 2013 - Sadabe pleased to announce partnership with Northern Illinois University and University of Massachusetts in hosting second annual primatology field school at Tsinjoarivo, in June 2013
12 September 2012 - Sadabe needs your help - we are fundraising to support the RAH King elementary school serving more than 200 children at Mahatsinjo! Please give generously!
10 September 2012 - Sadabe-Maintsoanala field technicians currently training in ecological monitoring techniques at Centre Valbio, Ranomafana National Park - with much appreciated funding from Seaworld-Busch Gardens Conservation fund and RWPF!
14 June 2012 - First Sadabe-UMass field school at Tsinjoarivo a success: 11 American and 3 Malagasy students completed the course and presented prelminary results at the University of Antananarivo
21 March 2012 - Sadabe researchers, led by co-founder Karen Samonds, release article on the origins of Madagascar's vertebrates: Article, MSNBC, Cosmos
14 March 2012 - Sadabe happy to be collaborating with University of Massachusetts to offer field training for American and Malagasy undergraduate students
20 November 2011 - Scientists describe new red-eyed frog species from Tsinjoarivo
8 August 2011 - Today we hosted Sadabe's second annual "general assembly" for an update on progress and views to the future - thanks to our great board of advisors!
5 August 2011 - Sadabe teams launch first study of gentle bamboo lemurs at Tsinjoarivo - led by Holiarimino Vololonoro and Kelly O'Loughlin.
1 August 2011 - Third international education volunteer internship: Australian volunteers Matt McCartney and Lucy Harper complete 6 weeks providing free education to kids at Mahatsinjo.
2 March 2011 - First public announcement of the critically endangered lemur Prolemur simus at Tsinjoarivo - Sadabe executive director Jean-Luc Raharison just returned from International Workshop.
21 November 2010 - Sadabe initiatives funded by Conservation International achieving success in promoting fish ponds, bee breeding and rabbit breeding - and relieving poverty and local pressure on rainforests.
10 October 2010 - Sadabe research into the effects of habitat disturbance on animal and plant species in Madagascar is featured in the journal Biological Conservation.
12 August 2010 - Sadabe research into the physiology of endangered sifakas across intact and disturbed habitats is featured in the American Journal of Primatology.
02 May 2010 - Taratra and Sadabe to host Women's Health Workshop at Mahatsinjo, 6-9 September 2010
23 April 2010 - Sadabe researchers find only known population of rare dwarf lemur at Tsinjoarivo
8 March 2010 - Sadabe researcher Karen Samonds' fossil sea cow discovery featured on CBC/Radiocanada program "Découverte"
1 March 2010 - Sadabe, supported financially by Conservation International Madagascar, launches new research / conservation / development initiative at Tsinjoarivo! Highlights will include fish ponds, reforestation and expanded lemur monitoring; more news will follow.
15 December 2009 - Sadabe researchers discover new fossil seacow in northwestern Madagascar (article in "Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology") (press coverage)
20 November 2009 - Sadabe researchers publish article on lemur parasites in the journal "Malagasy Nature"
9 November 2009 - Find us on Facebook to learn more about recent activities, and see photos and videos of our teams in action
21 August 2009 - Conservation crisis in Madagascar continues: disturbing reports of lemur bushmeat hunting and trade
20 June 2009 - Montreal Biodome's Temporary Exhibit "Grand Visite de Madagascar", featuring Sadabe, now open
6 June 2009 - Madagascar's political crisis endangers wildlife - NGOs unite to send warning
5 June 2009 - Sadabe to be featured at Montreal Biodome's Temporary Exhibit "Grand Visite de Madagascar", 20 June - 14 November
20 March 2009 - Sadabe research on predation featured in the journal "Animal Conservation"
20 November 2008 - Sadabe research on dwarf lemurs featured in the journal "Folia Primatologica"

Our philosophy:

Natural ecosystems and their biodiversity are increasingly threatened in our modern world, yet attempts to conserve them often fail when they don't include: (1) the will and needs of local people, and (2) a true understanding of ecosystem components and function.

We recognize that human health & development depends on natural ecosystems, while the conservation of biodiversity depends on human decisions. We have a chance to preserve biodiversity while promoting sustainable development, if we remember these interdependencies.

We seek to develop novel and innovative ways to promote the coexistence of people and wildlife at Tsinjoarivo, and elsewhere where humans and wildlife come into conflict.